The Fourth World Media Summit held in Beijing

The Fourth World Media Summit held in Beijing

16:29 22 Ноябрь 2021 3075

The Fourth World Media Summit held in Beijing
This gathering offered an opportunity to exchange views on Media Growth Strategy under the Impact of COVID-19. 

Beijing, Nov 22 (InBusiness) Today the Fourth World Media Summit hosted by Xinhua News Agency took place in Beijing, China.

This gathering offered an opportunity to exchange views on Media Growth Strategy under the Impact of COVID-19. The main areas of the Summit were Media Development, Media Marketing, Media’s Role in Global Development.

Senior executives of large media organizations, namely, the Associated Press, Yonhap News, the Agence France-Presse, the Hindu Publishing Group, Kyodo News, Reuters News Agency, TASS Russian News Agency, Aljazeera Media Network, ANSA, Macedonian Press Agency, Yahoo Finance, RT, Saudi Press Agency, Azerbaijan State News Agency, L'Opinion, Xinhua and other representatives of foreign media took part in the meeting.

President of Saudi Press Agency, Fahad Hassan Al Argan said: “COVID-19 pandemic indeed impacted on media industry largely. Media faces huge challenges that we have to come up with clear media strategy to follow the steps of world development. With the development of new media and other platforms the media organizations of central and local level have to adjust their policies and strategies to face the competitions from fake media”.

The Latin American news agency Prensa Latina proposed today at the 4th World Media Summit, being held in China, to expand cooperation in the sector to counter disinformation and make effective use of communication technologies.

Speaking at the forum via video-link from Cuba, Prensa Latina’s chairman, Luis Enrique González, stressed the need to create new alliances, work in networks and exchange accurate information, avoiding disinformation and “fake news”.

The WMS was co-initiated by nine media organizations with global influence, including Xinhua, News Corporation, the Associated Press, Reuters, TASS Russian News Agency, Kyodo News, and BBC.

Organized by Xinhua, the first WMS was held in Beijing in 2009. The second WMS was held in Moscow in 2012 and the third WMS was held in Doha, Qatar, in 2016.

The WMS presidium is the supreme decision-making body of the summit.

It is worth noting that “MEDIA HOLDING “ATAMEKEN BUSINESS” produced cycle of programs (“Salem, Kazakhstan”) in partnership with Xinhua agency and Ergeng Cultural Media (Beijing) Co. Ltd in 2019-2020. This program was filmed in China. “Salem Kazakhstan” is a series of documentary films devoted to new business opportunities. Filming of these documentaries might continue next year.