Top Business Leaders Commend President Tokayev’s Initiatives, Remain Cautious But Optimistic

Tokayev noted the need to discuss the current situation in the country and to outline methods of cooperation between the government and businesses in an effort aimed at a “profound transformation of the entire social structure.”

Kazakh President to join 'Central Asia – PRC' Summit on Jan 25

The Leaders are to discuss prospects for the development of multifaceted strategic cooperation in different spheres between the countries of Central Asia and China. 

January Riot: Transparency and Rule of Law are Vital to Investigation Says Kazakh President

The Law and Order operational and preventive campaign is ongoing in the regions after the two-week state of emergency ended on Jan. 19. The tracking of illegally held weapons is continuing.

Over 32,000 Gold Bars Sold in 2021

National Bank launched the program for sale and repurchase of gold bullionbars of refined gold for population (hereinafter the ‘Program’) in 2017.